I’m infatuated with sleep and all things related to sleep. When I get home, the first thing I do is kick off my shoes, remove my jewellery and get into something comfy. Preferably something easy, floaty and soft against my skin. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than home relaxing. When it comes down to it, if I had to choose between a swank party and pottering around my home, my home wins hands down.

I want you to wear my sleepwear and immediately feel free and relaxed

Sadly, since being a professional loafer is not in the cards for me, I’m determined to get the most out of my leisure time. That means I’ve set myself up with a beautiful bedroom, the best mattress and great linen. When I was looking for sleepwear to complete the picture, I found very little that appealed to me. There was no point getting Egyptian cotton for my bed, only to put poor quality fabrics right against my skin. And sure, you could sleep in a t-shirt, but where’s the fun in that?

And so the quest for lovely sleep- and leisure-wear began.

Having an interest in fashion history, I always look to gorgeous silhouettes of old sigh wistfully. With this my first range, I wanted to recreate some of those looks that hark back to slower, simpler times. When you had time to brush your hair a hundred strokes and sit by the fire until it burnt low, with a dog snoring at your feet. I want you to wear my sleepwear and immediately feel free and relaxed.

And I hope you sleep beautifully.